Goodness! Ready To Drink Yogurt Smoothies| Mango Flavour

Snacking just got easier. Low on fat and healthy for your gut, this bottle of yogurt smoothie containing all natural yogurt and real fruit pulp is the perfect solution to your mid-day hunger pangs. Say goodbye to messy eating and hello to your new and convenient 

Product Features:

1. Material Features: Vegetarian, Quantity: 190 ml (Each)

2. Flavour: 6 Mango, Package Content: Pack of 6

3. Made with low fat yogurt, each bottle has 6gms protein (equivalent to 1 egg)100% real and natural low-fat yogurt with the added advantages of 40% more fruit than leading beverages, contains up to 6g protein per 190ml serving.

4. Only real milk is used, water content is up to 30% lesser than other dairy beverage brands.

5. Contains no preservatives, no artificial flavouring substances, and no synthetic food colours. What you see is what you get!, India's first shelf-stable yogurt with upto 270kcal energy.

Low-fat, gluten-free, and healthy for guts, a bottle of Goodness! yogurt smoothie is perfect to cut away from the packaged unhealthy snacks and satiate your cravings throughout the day with delicious smoothies. These yogurt smoothies are also convenient to carry as it requires no refrigeration, so that you can always keep one in your bag for times when you need a quick relief from that unhealthy craving for some fried snacks. Made by adding ‘yogurt cultures’, yogurt smoothie has positive effects on immune, cardiovascular and metabolic health.

Refresh yourself and stay active


These delicious mango-flavoured yoghurt smoothies have been made with real mango pulp and double toned milk yoghurt to give you a boost in energy. You can drink these beverages to kickstart your day or on the go as a healthy alternative to erratic snacking.


GOODNESS! yoghurt smoothies contain no preservatives, no artificial flavouring substances, and no synthetic food colours. They are therefore a safe option to go for.


These smoothies come in a pack of 6. These ready-to-drink smoothies will keep you active and refreshed.