Goodness! Oats Smoothie |Assorted Flavours

Rushed mornings? No time for a hearty meal? Packed with the goodness of oats, this all-new smoothie is rich in fibre & serves as your perfect breakfast on the go. Carry a bottle or two with you at all times, drink up as per convenience and never go hungry again. 

Product Features:

1.Each bottle contains 150 ml of toned milk, 7.5gms of ground oats & 6g protein

2.No preservatives, no artificial ingredients or flavours. We keep our ingredient list to minimal.

3.Contains beta-glucan, a special digestive fibre

4.Contains 40% lesser sugar compared to aerated and packaged fruit beverages.

GOODNESS! brings you an assortment of 6 oats smoothies that are available in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours. These ready-to-drink beverages are made with Australian ground oats and milk and are a great source of energy. They are made of real ingredients and no artificial additives or preservatives have been used in them. These healthy beverages contain low sugar, making them a boon for fitness enthusiasts.

A combination of taste and substance.


These delicious flavoured oats smoothies come in a pack of 6. These ready-to-drink smoothies will keep you active and refreshed throughout the day.


GOODNESS! brings you oats smoothies that contain no preservatives, no artificial flavouring substances, and no synthetic food colours. They are therefore a safe option to go for.


These oats smoothies contain low sugar. These beverages are quite suitable for those who are trying to pursue a healthier way of life.