Goodness! Cold Brewed Ready To Drink Cold Coffee| Assorted Flavour

100% Arabica beans from the finest coffee estates of Chikmagalur are roasted, ground & brewed to perfection for every drop of coffee that goes into this bottle. Our signature cold-brewing technique ensures that our coffee is high on caffeine & low on acidity. Drink up. Recharge your day! 

Product Features:

1. Each bottle contains 150 ml of toned milk, 20 ml of coffee brew & 5g protein 
2. No preservatives, no artificial ingredients or flavours. We keep our ingredient list to minimal.
3. 100% premium Arabica beans from Chikmagalur are used to make our coffee.
4. We cold-brew our coffee for over 18 hours. What you get is flavorful, low acid and high caffeine coffee.
5. Can be stored at room temperature; no refrigeration required

GOODNESS! brings you cold-brewed coffee in hazelnut and classic flavours. Kick-start your day with these ready-to-drink beverages that are both wholesome and full of natural flavours. These coffee drinks do not contain any preservatives, artificial food substances or synthetic food colours. They are made with real milk and the water content has been kept to a minimum to ensure maximum flavour. The cold-brewed coffee from GOODNESS! does not require refrigeration.

A tasty and refreshing drink


This delicious cold-brewed coffee comes from Arabica beans from Chikkamagalur which are roasted, ground and cold-brewed to perfection for 18 hours at a controlled temperature to preserve the natural taste and benefits. 


Enjoy cold-brewed coffee straight out of the bottle and rest easy knowing that no preservatives, artificial flavouring substances and synthetic food colours have been used.



These cold-brewed coffee beverages with a dairy base come in a pack of 6. These ready-to-drink beverages will keep you active and refreshed throughout the day.