Goodness! Trial Pack (2 Cold Brewed Coffees, 2 Yogurt Smoothies & 2 Oats Smoothies)

GOODNESS! brings you an assortment of oats and yoghurt smoothies, along with cold-brewed coffee for those who need healthy snacking options on the go. Ready-to-drink beverages present a convenient way to replenish your system, thanks to their hassle-free consumption. These drinks are gluten-free and are a great source of protein. Made of completely natural ingredients, you can rest easy knowing that no artificial additives have been used in them. 

Product Features:

1. Material Features: Vegetarian, Quantity: 190 ml (Each)
2. Flavour: 2 Cold-Brewed Coffees (1 Classic, 1 Hazelnut), 2 Oats Smoothie (1 Chocolate, 1 Vanilla), 2 Yogurt Smoothies (1 Mango, 1 Mixed Berry), Package Content: Pack of 6)
3. No Preservatives, Source of Protein
4. Gluten Free, Real Ingredients
5. Storage Instruction: Store in cool place


A tasty and refreshing drink


Hearty and refreshing snacking options for those on the move.


GOODNESS! brings you oats and yoghurt smoothies and cold-brewed coffee that have no preservatives or artificial flavours. These beverages present you an easy option to adopt a healthier way of life.


These smoothies and cold-brewed coffee drinks come in a pack of 6. These ready-to-drink products will keep you active and refreshed throughout the day.