How Goodness! Beverages are made

We often get asked "How can Goodness! stay good for 90 days without adding preservatives?". Here is how:

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Goodness! Oats Smoothie

Goodness! Oats Smoothies are a delicious mix of ground oats and toned milk. It combines the health benefits of oats and milk into a truly amazing wholesome beverage, making it not just a regular snack but also the best breakfast on the go.
  • Why are they good?
Goodness! Oats Smoothies are gluten free, and has antioxidant properties. Made from ground oats, Goodness! Oats Smoothie contains a unique fibre called beta-glucan that provides impressive health benefits and promotes a feeling of fullness. The addition of milk boosts the protein content of the beverage making it best for breakfast consumption.
  • What is the best time for consumption?
Packed in the form of a thick smoothie in an hygienic bottle, we ensure convenience on the go. So the next time you skip breakfast because you have no time to sit at the table and eat, are too lazy to cook yourself a morning treat, or are struggling to find a healthy alternative to your regular breakfast, you need not worry because Goodness! Oats Smoothie is here to rescue.
  • How does this compare with other similar products in the market?
Goodness! Oats Smoothies are special. Available in two variants (Vanilla and Chocolate) currently, these oats smoothies are hunger saviour and will provide you the much required energy and sustenance to survive the day ahead. Goodness! Oats Smoothies are India’s first breakfast smoothies.

Goodness! Yogurt Smoothie


Goodness! Yogurt Smoothies are the perfect blend of nutritionally rich yogurt and 100% natural fruit pulp. It combines the healthy virtues of yogurt and the deliciousness of fruits into a delightfully wholesome beverage.

  • Why are they Good?

Goodness! Yogurt Smoothies are low-fat, high in calcium and a good source of fiber. These are great for your gut health and digestion. These contain up to 15% real fruit pulp in every bottle, but no preservatives and artificial colors. 

  • What is the best time for consumption?

Honestly, anytime! It can be a great breakfast complement with the right amount of nutrition to kick off your busy day. It can also be a mid-afternoon snack saving you from hunger pangs, or a healthy wholesome dinner beverage for those who prefer to keep a check on calorie consumption.

  • How does this compare with other similar products in the market?

Goodness! Yogurt Smoothies are one of a kind. We are upgrading the traditional Lassi/ Buttermilk experience and taking it a notch higher. What makes our yogurt smoothies special is the way we have combined healthy yogurt with delicious fruit to offer you the freshest snack in a bottle.

Goodness! Coffiato

Goodness! Cold Coffees are ready-to-drink bottled coffee made from fresh cold-brew coffee concentrate and double-toned milk. It provides the consumer a better and richer coffee experience, without the addition of dollops of cream or artificial garnishing.

  • Why are they Good?

Goodness! Cold Coffees are made of fresh coffee concentrate that is derived by cold-brewing medium roasted, coarse ground coffee beans for a minimum of 18-20 hours. The cold-brewing is done is a temperature-controlled, hygienic environment without exposing it to heat during the entire process. These contain no preservatives and artificial colors.

  • What is the best time for consumption?

A source of gaining the perfect caffeine boost, Goodness! Cold Coffees are best consumed when you are too lazy to get through the day. Pick a bottle of one of these, drink up and get recharged. Your dull, boring day will be energized.

  • How does this compare with other similar products in the market?

A number of dairy-based, coffee-flavoured beverages are available in the market for the consumer to choose from. Goodness! Cold Coffee is a liberation from these long extended shelf-life beverages, which provides real and fresh coffee without the use of any artificial ingredients.

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