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All About Goodness!

  • What is Goodness! Beverages?
    • Goodness! Beverages is a ready-to-drink dairy based beverages brand under the parent company, Dropkaffe Food and Beverages Pvt Ltd with it’s base in Bangalore.

  • What are the products under Goodness!?
    • Goodness! houses three different product categories at present - Goodness! Oats Smoothie, Goodness! Yogurt Smoothie, and Goodness! Coffiato.

  • What is Goodness! Oats Smoothie?
    • India’s first anytime breakfast smoothie made with ground Australian Oats and milk, 6g protein, no preservatives, gluten free, low sugar, and source of fibre. Thick and can keep you filled for at least 2-3 hours. Available in 3 variants - Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla

  • What is Goodness! Yogurt Smoothie?
    • India’s first snack in a bottle made of natural yogurt and real fruit pulp, 6g protein, no preservatives, gluten free, low fat, good for gut. Can be consumed in between meals to keep hunger pangs away. Available in 3 variants - Mango, Ginger Mint, and Mixed Berry

  • What is smoothie?
    • A thick, smooth drink made of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and other ingredients with milk, yogurt, or water. No addition of ice cream and contains more fruits than milkshakes.

  • Are Goodness! smoothies gluten-free?
    • Yes, they are. Goodness! Smoothies do not contain any ingredients which has gluten and the oats used in Goodness! Oats Smoothie is also processed in a clean environment free from gluten.

  • What is Goodness! Coffiato?
    • India’s first cold brewed coffee made from 100% Arabica beans and toned milk, high caffeine and less acidity.

  • What is cold brewing?
    • Cold brewing is the process of soaking coarse-ground coffee grounds in cold water for at least 12 hours under controlled temperature and the then filtered without exposing the brew to heat.

  • How much protein do Goodness! Beverages contain?
    • Goodness! Smoothies contain upto 6g protein which is equivalent to 12.4% of an adult’s daily requirement, whereas Goodness! Coffiato contains upto 5g protein which is 10.2% of an adult’s daily requirement.

  • How much sugar is added to Goodness! Beverages?
    • Goodness! Oats Smoothie has upto 10g, Goodness! Yogurt Smoothie has 20g and Goodness! Coffiato has 12.4g of added sugar in 190ml serving. This is upto 40% less sugar than aerated beverages and leading fruit juices, and 17% less than regular lassi/ buttermilk. However, Goodness! Yogurt Smoothie Ginger Mint contains 0g added sugar.