Mothers… They are God’s most beautiful gift to us. Mother’s are where we all begin. She is her son’s first love and her daughter’s best friend. Much has been said and there’s no denying that they are all true. Hence, the question stands: What shall we say about mothers that hasn’t been said before?

Just then another thought struck us. Does it even matter what we say or do for our mothers? Whatever we say or do will always fall short when compared to the vast ocean of love that they nurture in their hearts for us. We at DropKaffe, think that every day is Mother’s Day. However, we did a little something for our coffee and food lovers on the special occasion of Mother’s Day, going along with the mood of celebration and dedicated love we all have for our mothers.

Our high-spirited Coffee Angels (yes, that is what we call our delivery executives) went door-to-door, office-to-office around DropKaffe’s serviceable areas in Bengaluru on Friday and Saturday, delivering sweet little gift hampers for our coffee lovers and their moms. The gift hampers consisted of three items, a box of our finest aroma-rich Filter Coffee powder, two Red Velvet Choco-chip cookies and a box of Lemon Grass scented Epsom Bath salts. It was a humble gesture on our part, for our loyal DropKaffe fans who have showered their love and placed their trust in us for their daily dose of coffee and food.

Tara Fernandes, a DropKaffe fan, tweeted “Thank you @dropkaffe for making our Friday awesome :)” along with picture of the hamper. Jeanine Soares joined in and tweeted “@dropkaffe Ditto… Thanks for the awesome hamper.” Another coffee lover, Bulbuli Mukherjee wrote “Just got a goodie bag from @dropkaffe. Very thoughtful gifts. Thanks, I loved it!” We could not have been any more delighted than having such sweet responses to our gesture for the special day. We, at DropKaffe, are committed to not just serving our customers, but to give them a delightful experience overall. It is such love that keeps us going and inspires us to serve you even better.

We started a contest and the response was









Some like it hot and some like it warm. Some like it strong and some like it mild. Everyone has their own version of a perfect coffee.Other than mixing the coffee drip (decoction), milk and sugar, there are a lot of interesting ways in which people around the world drink coffee. 
Here are our favorites from the list:
1. # 4, Café des épices, Morocco- A blend of spices, like sesame seeds, black pepper and nutmeg (although this depends on the seller etc) is mixed with coffee beans and ground, to create a fragrant and potent brew.
2. # 10, Espresso Romano, Italy- Espresso served with a slice of lemon. The lemon is rubbed on the rim of the cup, the idea being that the sourness of the lemon enhances flavours in the coffee.
3. # 12, Pharisäer, Germany
Coffee with rum and whipped cream! There are various legends about the origins of the name, but basically yum yum yum.
If you have tasted any of these coffees, tell us about your experience!

Why we love coffee?

February 05, 2015


The waft of freshly brewed coffee is rated one of the top 4 smells in the world. And we couldn't agree more!
Besides being a great wake-me-up, coffee is scientifically proven to help reduce diabetes and lower the risk of liver disease. 
Here are five reasons why we love drinking coffee (in moderation, of course)
1. It is rich in anti oxidants and we all know what good anti-oxidants do for our body and skin.  
2. It is known to reduce the risk of cardio vascular diseases.
3. Coffee drinking is linked to lower rates of depression in both men and women. 
4. Coffee consumption can enhance exercise performance by battling fatigue.
5. Coffee may also help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.
And not to forget the great conversations that it can help get started. 
Go ahead, sip that coffee!
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