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Energy Drink Vs Cold Brewed Coffee

First, let's drop the vs. Coffee and energy drinks have the same compound as the source of energy- caffeine. Caffeine is naturally present in one of these and is derived chemically in a laboratory for the other. We are sure you know the difference. So, why is coffee not considered a viable (if not better) alternative to bottled energy drinks?

Here are 3 reasons:

1. Coffee needs preparation: Whether it a coffee maker, traditional filter press, instant coffee powder or a sophisticated aero press, coffee requires equipment, time and perfect process to get it right. 

2. It is difficult to carry coffee around- Unless it is bottled and can stay fresh at room temperature, most hot and cold coffees are made for immediate consumption.

3. Most bottled coffees use coffee only as a flavour- Coffee used as a flavour imparts only the aroma and taste. Caffeine content is weak at best.

Goodness! Cold Brewed Coffee + Milk Energy Drink addresses all the above issues and is a natural and flavourful alternative to any energy drink in the market. #betterthanenergydrink. Try Now!