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Does India Need Another Milk Brand?

Koramangala, Bangalore- the hub of all startup activity in the country with equal number of coffee shops. From big brands to roadside stalls selling 'by 2' filter coffee, one can find coffee for all budgets, tastes, moods and occasions. Yet, when it came to takeaway coffee, all options fell short. 

This is where the story of Goodness! started. With a quest to create the most convenient (yet tasty) coffee possible, we brewed our first 'takeaway' coffee in 2015. Our philosophy was clear- keep ingredient list and recipe simple, offer convenience and ensure that each product tastes nothing less than awesome.

3 years on and our journey to offer 'better than' products has taken us from Bangalore to Hyderabad, Big Basket and Amazon. 

But why milk? We say, why not? It is the most wholesome and nutritious beverage, but more often than not, considered boring. So, here we are- with a naturally healthy beverage as a base, exciting ingredients and flavours as additions and innovative recipes as the final input for giving it a complete makeover!

India needs a new age milk brand. #drinkgoodness