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More Protein, Tastier Protein
All Goodness beverages have at least 6 grams of protein. More protein helps kids grow better, and helps adults build muscle mass and health.
100% Vegetarian Protein
Real Fruits, Honest Chocolate
No artificial ingredients, colours, flavours or aromas are used in our beverages. We work with renowned suppliers around the country to source only the best.
High Quality Ingredients
Zero Preservatives, Zero Artificial Colors
None needed, none added. We use a combination of heat and pressure and not chemicals to keep our products fresh without the need for refrigeration.
Safe For Kids And Adults
Easy To Drink, All The Time Drink
Who says yogurt has to be refrigerated all the time? Or that oats are only meant to be eaten? All Goodness! beverages stay fresh at room temperature.
Super Convenient

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12 bottles for Rs 550/- only

We Care

For the world around us

Single Use Plastics

Our bottles are made from food grade PolyPropelene (PP) which can be re-used (and not just recycled). Although more expensive than single-use plastic bottles, we ensure that we do a little more to be kinder to the earth.

Milk For Everyone!

Every month, we donate atleast 1000 bottles to orphanages in Bangalore. Our employees volunteer their time to engage children who are not only deprived of childhood but also choices.

Only the best!

Only export quality premium ingredients are used to make our beverages. Whether it is our milk, coffee, fruits or flavours, we work with top rated suppliers in the country.

make the world a better place-buy a month's supply

24 bottles for Rs 1000/- only
Lunch was my first meal of the day -Sudha Prasad, Bangalore
Waking up and booking a cab to work are simultaneous activities in my life. With barely anytime to get ready, eating breakfast is always the last thing on my mind. I discovered Goodness! Oats Smoothies at a friend's place and now keep a stack at home. I love how versatile the smoothies are. I finally like my oats!
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I was addicted to energy drinks- Rahul Dua, Gurgaon
24 hours in a day are never enough for me. I was completely dependent on energy drinks to get me through the day. I was also ignored the amount of chemicals I was putting in my body until I discovered Goodness! Cold Brewed Coffee. The coffee keeps me alert naturally and the taste is awesome too!
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Healthy drinks are expensive- Ria Suresh, Mumbai
Eating healthy has made a huge difference to my life. However, when I started looking for healthy beverage options, my search began and ended at expensive juices. Goodness! Yogurt Smoothies are a perfect accompaniment to my meals at half the price. I also drink one as a snack between meals or if I am travelling.
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My daughter loves the smoothies- Lisa Maniglia, Hyderabad
My 6 year daughter had digestion issues and yoghurt became our only dairy alternative. I was very happy to spot Goodness! Yoghurt Smoothie on Big Basket and ordered one. My daughter loved the flavours and asked for more. I make sure there is enough Goodness! at home for all of us now!
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